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sophie reynolds portrait

Sophie Reynolds


Sophie Reynolds is an actress, known for Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything (2015) and Mostly Ghostly 3: One Night in Doom House (2016).​

tyler bushnell portrait

Tyler Bushnell

CEO of Polycade

Son of Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari. Started Polycade funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

mark thomann portrait

Mark Thomann

Guest Speaker and CEO of RiverWestBrands.

Currently serve as CEO of River West Brands, LLC, a leader in acquiring, licensing, redeveloping, and monetizing underutilized iconic trademarks/brands.

Caram3llo portrait



I'm an East Coast cosplayer. I started cosplaying in about 6th grade, about 7 years ago. I only just recently started doing it seriously. 

Patrick Hickey Jr. portrait

Patrick Hickey Jr.


Author of "The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews with Cult and Classic Video Game Developers". Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Master Jedi and Grand Pooh-bah of Covered New York Mets and the NHL and interviewing everyone from David Wright to Martin Brodeur.

partynerdz logo


Podcast and Event Planners

PartyNerdz is an all inclusive events planning and entertainment company. We specialize in party promotions and planning, online marketing, fashion shows, video production and directing, model castings and visual designs.

Joe Del Beato Avatar

Joe Del Beato

Comic Artist

Joe Del Beato started out on New Talent Showcase for DC. He also has done artwork for Hasbro's G.I.Joe Toy Line. For Marvel he worked on: Sectaurs, Avengers, Inhumanoids, G.I.Joe Order of Battle, Justice and Cloak and Dagger. 

Jeffrey Wittenhagen portrait

Jeffrey Wittenhagen


Jeffrey Wittenhagen is an avid retro video game writer, collector, gamer and a member of the VGBS Gaming Podcast. As time has gone on, he has written and published an award winning gaming book called Hidden Treasures and has published multiple retro gaming books such as: The Complete NES, The Complete SNES and NES Oddities books.

Tim Lapetino Avatar

Tim Lapetino


Author of Art of Atari, Creative Director, writer, speaker, Museum Exec Director working at the intersection of design and pop culture.

Antoine Clerc-Renaud portrait

Antoine Clerc-Renaud

Video Game Historian

Video game historian, #JRPG fanatic, Pizza and 🍣sushi eater, I occasionally write books📚 and read loads of them.

Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer portrait

Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer


Karl Custer, aka Uncle Yo, is a standup and improv comedian specializing in geek specific subjects including anime, video games, and comic books.

The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club (The Finest) logo

The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club

Cosplay Club

The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club (The Finest) is the world’s premier international G.I. Joe costuming club. Founded in 2007, we have expanded to include several hundred members in 40 states and six countries.

Sister Senshi Cosplay logo

Sister Senshi


Passionate Sailor Moon cosplay by 4 sisters. LJ, Cat, Chrissy, & Cheyna.

Leonard Herman portrait

Leonard Herman

Videogame Historian

The Game Scholar offers viewers brief, yet informative nuggets of videogame history, news, correcting the historic record, show and tell, etc. The latest edition, Phoenix IV: The History of the Videogame Industry is out now on Amazon and

The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club (The Finest) logo

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club

Cosplay Club

The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is dedicated to representing the Mandalorian culture and costumes within the STAR WARS™ universe.